C3 Curcumin Complex

Few natural products have demonstrated the range of protective and therapeutic promise as have turmeric and its principal bioactive curcumin ingredients. C3 Curcumin Complex is a unique patented complex of three bioactive curcuminoids: curcumin, bisdemethoxy curcumin, and demethoxy curcumin from the herb tumeric with 95% curcuminoid content. Multiple studies show that this scientifically-extracted combination not only scavenges and neutralizes harmful free radicals; it also prevents their formation. In addition, these standardized substances give the body powerful tools to reduce systemic inflammation and fight serious conditions such as auto-immunity and cancer. The main hurdle faced by successful curcumin based treatments is its inherently poor intestinal absorption, rapid metabolism, and limited systemic bioavailability. This product adds lecithin specifically to enhance absorption.

Relevant recent research:

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Recommended dose: one capsule has 400mg of 95% curcuminoids.  Usual recommended dose for optimal biological effect is at least 2 capsules three times a day best taken together with a fatty meal or fish oil.

Dr. Chang: curcumin is a heavily researched and effective herbal for an array of conditions from Alzheimer prevention to cancer treatments.  Problem is its poor absorption and thus requirement for a large dose for successful therapeutic use.  Up to 8g a day of intake has proven to be safe but don't use turmeric if you are pregnant or have gallstones or biliary dysfunction. In some cases, curcumin can cause stomach upset or heartburn. Because it may act as a blood thinner, you should stop taking it at least a week before surgery. It may also interact with certain chemotherapies, anticoagulants.


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