Corvalen D-Ribose

Corvalen contains the D – Ribose, which is a natural sugar that is clinically proven to help replenish core energy (stamina). A clnical trials in chronic fatigue patients resulted in a significant improvement in energy; sleep; mental clarity; pain intensity; and well-being. Approximately 66% of patients experienced significant improvement while on D-ribose, with an average increase in energy of 45% and an average improvement in overall well-being. D-ribose is used to treat rare genetic disorders of energy metabolism and is used by athletes as a performance enhancer. As a sugar, it is natural to be concerned that it may increase blood glucose levels, especially in diabetics.  However, human studies since the 1950s have shown that IV or oral D-ribose supplementation actually lowers blood sugar levels and does not significantly increase insulin levels in non-diabetics.

Dose: 1 scoop or 2 teaspoons equates 5g of D-ribose. Take 1-2 scoops as directed by a qualified health practitioner.

Relevant research:

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Dr. Chang: I used this in cancer patients who complain of fatigue either as a result of their disease or due to a side-effect from chemo or radio therapy. It is best given with Rhodiola and CoQ10 for synergistic actions.  I also recommend this for chronic fatigue patients.

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