Alkyrols - Shark Liver Oil

Shark Liver Oil has been used for centuries in Scandinavia, particularly by fishermen, who took it for slow healing wounds. It is also widely used as complementary medicine for a variety of cancers with in vitro research demonstrating clear necrotic and apoptotic effect on prostate and breast cancer cells. (Krotkiewski M, Med Sci Monit 2003).  Modern research reveals that its main ingredient alkylglycerols maybe key for immune defense. Another ingredient squalamine has been found to decrease the number of lung metastases. Studies in people with cancer have shown that squalamine can safely be combined with chemotherapy. It is currently being studied with other treatments for lung and prostate cancer.   This supplement made by reputable Scandanavian Formulas is cholesterol, heavy metals, and pesticide free.

Recent research reviews include:

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Cytostatic and cytotoxic effects of alkylglycerols

Recommended dosage 1-2 capsules twice a day. One bottle provides 1-2 months of therapy.

Dr. Chang: I use this when patient white cell counts need to be protected when they are on radiation or chemotherapy.

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