Arnica Montana 30X

Arnica montana is used as a trauma remedy, best known as a remedy for bruising injuries, but its actions are more widespread than that. As the US homeopathic physician, James Tyler Kent (1849-1916), stated, “It is a wonderful remedy, a misunder­stood remedy, a misused remedy, because it is almost limited to bruises.” Many of the homeopathic trials have relied on Arnica’s ability to heal bruising, ignoring the bigger remedy picture and emotional state. Homeopathic remedies aim to heal at a deeper level than the superficial expression of the body’s imbalance.

The potency of this product is 30X. Its a low potency appropriate for children, sudden event and first aid treatment (of a trauma).

Dose is as indicated usually three times a day.

Dr. Chang:  I use this to help patients prevent or mitigate any major bodily injuries or trauma when taken internally, much as Arnica Cream can be applied topically following injuries. Taken before surgery or radiation and chemotherapy maybe helpful in such instances. The wider use of arnica for emotional trauma is also very useful.

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