Artemisinia annua, or the sweet wormwood plant, has been used by Chinese herbalists for nearly 2,000 years as an anti-malarial treatment. In the 1970s the active ingredient, artemisinin, was extracted and proven to have anti-malarial properties. Artemisinin-based drugs such as artensunate are also known to have effectiveness as anti-cancer treatments.

Allergy Research Group artemisinin is minimum 98.5% pure, and does not contain thujone.

Dr. Chang: the use of anti-malarials against cancer is one of my major research areas of interest and our group published a review on this just recently.  Artensunate derived from artemisinin as a major anti-malarial deserves much more notice and research as an anti-cancer. Patients interested in using artensunate instead should contact our clinic to discuss viable protocols.

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