Natcell Thymus Spray - NF

The master gland of the immune system: thymus typically atrophies by age 20, and then declines throughout life. Although not well known, even to some alternative medicine devotees, there is a large body of published clinical research supporting the use of thymus extracts. Natcell thymus spray contains thymic peptides and thymosine and such peptides support the immune system. Indeed, specific thymic peptides (thymosin) has been made into pharmaceuticals for cancer treatment, rheumatoid arthritis, allergy and asthma, recurrent infections and hepatitis, and even hairloss.  The Natcell product by Douglas is a particularly effective and convenient formulation made from the extraction of porcine thymus that achieve high bioavailability compared to capsule products (since peptides are degraded by the intestines).

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Dose: A serving of 2 sprays three times a day into mouth or as directed by qualified health practitioner. One vial contains 37 servings.

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