Organo-PSP Coriolus

PSP (from Coriolus versicolor) is one of the best scientifically documented immune-boosters, especially for cancer prevention or treatment purposes. It is similar to PSK which is a pharmaceutical produced by Sankyo Pharmaceuticals in Japan. With health benefits verified by over 600 studies and 24 human clinical trials, PSP and PSK are the most thoroughly researched medicinal mushroom products used for immune support, especially against cancer. Be aware that PSK is not available in the US and many so-called PSP products are sourced from China, whereas this exclusive ORGANO-PSP product is exclusively sourced from high potency organic US cultivated Coriolus. (Pls register to read Dr. Chang's professional insight into this remarkable product) Ingredients: Organic Coriolus versicolor mycelium, myceliated rice.

Relevant references:

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Dose: take 3-4 500mg capsules, two to three times daily, or as directed by a qualified health professional. Warnings:

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