Pure Reishi Powder 250g

This is a very special product sourced and selected by Dr. Chang himself over the past 3 decades.
Dr. Chang was the clinical pioneer and internationally acclaimed expert in the use of reishi (Ganoderma) for cancer and elucidated its mechanism of action almost 20 years ago, and helped to popularize its use throughout the world.  He was the founder and first president of the Ganoderma International Research Institute (GIRI) along with other international experts on medicinal mushrooms.
But what is Reishi ?
Reishi (Ganoderma or Ling-Zhi) is a mythical mushroom known for its health and longevity promoting properties for centuries in the Orient.  It was a "superior herb" in ancient China, and is best taken for energy and immunity.  Modern science has isolated essential ganoderic acids, polysaccharides, and other beneficial  compounds from this remarkable mushroom.  Reishi has been documented to normalize blood pressure, glucose and lipids as well as improving the immune system and have liver protective and anti-inflammatory protective effects as well.
There are now many reishi products on the market, but mostly in a premature (e.g. mycelial or spore) form, extracted and poorly sourced (from China) and these products do not carry the potency of pure reishi in its native form.  While Meridian Solutions can supply reishi capsules, but the superior and unique product that Dr. Chang stands by is this pure powder sourced from organically and wood-cultivated whole mushrooms from Japan.  This product has been extensively tested for bioactivity and purity and is free of bacterial or heavy metal contamination.  No artificial coloring or preservatives are added.  This is the true connoisseur's reishi !  Not to be compared to mass market chemically processed products which use immature stages of the mushroom rapidly and mass cultivated on soy or grain powder (so-called "bio-mass") and passed off as pure.
Our product is packaged in individually packed jars of 180g of pure reishi or it can be ordered in bulk.  Wholesale quantity or bulk order inquiries are welcome !

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