Vitamin D3 Liquid

Liqui-D3 by RX Vitamins provides 2000 IU per drop of highly bioavailable form of Vitamin D in a palatable and nutritious olive oil base Plus, Liqui-D3 is also hypo-allergenic! Vitamin D3 is made from the cholecalciferol found in sheep's wool. Liqui-D3 is only made from unharmed sheep's wool, making it a responsible choice for those that do not normally use animal-made products. Vitamin D has been the subject of intensive research which has greatly increased our understanding of vitamin D deficiency. This research has also expanded the range of therapeutic applications available for cholecalciferol. Physiologic requirements for vitamin D may be as high as 4000 IU per day. The problem with current recommendations is that vitamin D influences a much wider array of physiological processes other than simply maintaining bone health and normal calcium metabolism.  For proper functioning, a healthy human body utilizes around 3,000-5,000 IU of vitamin D per day - indicating the current recommended intakes are not high enough to raise and/or maintain the vitamin D levels necessary for proper health.

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