Escozine Scorpion Venom

* This exclusive professional product is in limited supply and is primarily intended for patients at the Meridian Medical Group clinic in New York. To order this product please call us at 1-8884980666.

The extract of the Blue Scorpion venom which has been studied and dispensed originally in Cuba for decades as an anti-cancer substance and its component has been extensively researched. CNN in 2014 hailed this as potential cancer cure, and the Escozine product represents a more potent version over the preceding Cuban venom products because it is formulated with a patented polarized delivery that is invented by Dr. Arthur Mikaelian which enhances absorption and potency.  See related news from ABC Nightline, and various other media. For scientific references, please visit Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center's page for an impartial review.

The venom has no appreciable side-effects and does not interact with chemotherapy or radiotherapy. It can be taken orally or applied externally

Dose: usually 1cc four times a day or as directed by a qualified health practitioner. One bottle provides one month's treatment as supplied and at this dose.


This product is only available upon request.
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