DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) is a natural androgen hormone. It serves as a precursor to our sex hormones and is considered the “anti-aging” hormone. Even though it naturally decreases as we age, chronic and acute stress and cholesterol lowering medications have been shown to decrease our normal DHEA levels. Vegetarians have also shown to have decreased levels. DHEA is for individuals looking to support or increase their DHEA levels shown to be low through lab results. DHEA supplementation is beneficial for supporting the body’s normal DHEA function including: immunity, brain function, maintenance of lean body mass, regulation of blood sugars and insulin levels, and energy and lipid metabolism.  It has been shown to enhance female fertiity especially in cases of ovarian dysfunction, sexual desire, menopausal symptoms, cognitive decline, and certain psychiatric conditions.

Dosage:  each cap is 25mg and the optimal dose should be guided by lab testing as well as a qualified health practitioner.

Relevant research:

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